Find a parking spot

With ParkMatch, find an affordable parking spot close to your destination .

No more struggle finding a parking spot, ParkMatch's got it ! Book an individual's parking space, it's safer and covered by an insurance leader !

It's as safe as home !

1 - Your ParkMatch remote is delivered to you

ParkMatch remote Parcel

Order and receive your ParkMatch remote at home.

Every user needs a ParkMatch remote in order to use the service. It will soon be available for preorder !

2 - Search for a spot to book

Search for an available spot on the app

Download ParkMatch app and book a parking spot that fits your car, close to your destination and for the time you need, from 1 hour to several days.

3 - Open the parking/garage door

Open parking or garage door

Using ParkMatch remote, you can trigger the opening of the parking you rented for the duration of your rental.

How does it work ? The remote connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. During the time of the rental, you can press "Open the door" on your phone and the remote will be sent the appropriate information to open the door. You can now park your car just like at home !

4 - Online secured payment and insured transaction

Secured payment and insurance

Pay your booking directly through the app, it's easy and secure.

An insurance leader, in partnership with ParkMatch, covers fully each and every rental.

You still have questions ?

For more info, please read our FAQ.